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Phi 4 technology logotipo

Who are we?

In Phi4tech we are experts in nanomaterial design and production.


Our company leads a group of subsidiaries in charge of the research and development of applications based on our nanomaterials.


As the Golden ratio “Phi” improves the aesthethic qualities, we want to improve the world around us with the huge opportunities generated by our nanomaterials.

Mother company roles

Phi4tech is organized based on a matrix structure.

Within the group, the contributions of Phi4tech as parent company are the following:


Nanomaterial production

Nanomaterial research and development to meet the specs needed for our subsidiaries.

Dirección y gestión

Corporative and strategy management

Leading subsidiaries top management with the right strategy to achieve its main goals.

Propiedad intelectual

IP Protection

We secure and keep the intellectual property of the products and technologies developed by the subsidiary companies.


Each subsidiary is developing an application in a specific business line.

initial image


Paints, and other construction products, manufactured from ecological and natural raw materials.

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Research and development of energy storage technologies.

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Research and development of medical applications.

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Distribution and technical support for products in the markets of tooling and composites.

We are also working on the development of new applications in other sectors.

Graphene City

We are designing a space where experts around the world meet the requested resources to develop their nanomaterial technologies. 


Having the production of nanomaterials and the R&D laboratory in one place, in this “Graphene City”, makes it easier for us to build pilot plants for each application.

If you are a company interested in more information or collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.