Graphenstone’s anti-COVID paint, winner of the “Green Product of the Year” award at the PLGBC Green Building Award 2020 in Poland

October 22, 2020. Graphenstone’s Ecosphere Premium paint was the winner in the Green Product of the Year category – Green Product of the Year – of the 2020 PLGBC Green Building Award in Poland. It is the recognition of one of the star products of the company, which has been working for seven years to achieve more natural, ecological paints without harmful components.

The aim of the competition organized by the Polish Green Building Association PLGBC, is to promote modern solutions for sustainable construction. Its mission is to reward the best green projects and products in Poland and beyond its borders. The works are evaluated by the jury in terms of values related to ecological construction and sustainable development, as well as architecture and aesthetics.

Graphenstone was ranked first in the Green Product of the Year category for Ecosphere Premium paint. It is a paint with zero emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that removes carbon dioxide from the environment, therefore, contributes to the improvement of indoor air quality. It is made with natural ingredients and combines the tradition of limestone coatings with modernity, using graphene fibers that ensure its hardness, flexibility, solidity and resistance to abrasion.

Anna Baczkowska, member of the jury and responsible for technical sales of Armstrong, affirms that “these characteristics guarantee the adequate durability of the coating”.

Both the product and the method of its production have undergone an environmental evaluation and have received the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate, an international certification that recognizes the sustainability of the products and assesses the safety of the material, its potential reuse, the use of renewable energy, water stewardship and the company’s social responsibility.

Graphenstone wants to contribute to the well-being of people through the construction sector and act as a reference point for other companies, complying with the requirements of ecological and sustainable construction. Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and this is what the company tries to capture in each of its products.

Graphenstone, the ecological paint manufactured in Seville

Graphenstone, from the Spanish group Phi4tech, is present in 45 countries, and has its main factory and R&D&I laboratory in Viso del Alcor (Seville). In addition, it currently manufactures in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama and Australia; with packaging companies in the US and Vietnam.

Its technology is the only one that has managed to combine lime and graphene nanomaterials in its composition, guaranteeing a high disinfectant power and sustainability due to its zero emissions of VOCs.

Graphenstone has managed to combine tradition with innovation: it is high-quality artisan lime produced with biomass based on the traditional method of wood-fired ovens. But Graphenstone is also graphene technology, which gives it the necessary strength and durability.

What does the union of lime and graphene technology contribute? Basically, high disinfectant power and sustainability due to its ZERO VOC emissions, a consequence of its 100% natural and ecological composition. In addition, it purifies the air in homes by absorbing CO2 from the environment: 45 liters of Graphenstone removes 10 kg of CO2, the same as an adult tree after one year.

Graphenstone is energy efficient due to its thermal insulation properties, it does not smell, limits the development of allergens, has good acoustic insulation, is breathable, washable, has a high covering power and is neutral with respect to fire.

Graphenstone has the paint with the highest number of quality certificates on the planet and, in the last five years, it is the most awarded company in the five continents, currently manufacturing in four of them.