CSR - Phi4tech
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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Phi4tech we are committed to changing the world for the better through our innovative applications: pioneers in the market and completely oriented towards CO2 reduction and environmental sustainability.

We firmly believe that technological advance and respect for nature must go hand in hand. In this way, from the Phi4tech group, we continue working on creating value through our sustainable motto Tech4nature / Nature4tech.

A shared commmitment

Graphenstone, our subsidiary company dedicated to the world of paints and coatings, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly paints that absorb CO2, purify the air and are free of toxic emissions, microplastics and odors. All this has made it the most certified Green paint company in the world.

Mindcaps, for its part, develops a hybrid between battery and supercapacitor, eco-friendly and fully recycled with the best of both technologies.

At Medphen, the subsidiary that industrially manufactures medical grade graphene-based nanomaterials, the toxicity of dyes and plastic consumption have been reduced due to the longer lifespan provided by these nanomaterials.

Finally, at Trego, nanofibers applied to polymeric resins ensure lighter and more durable composites, achieving CO2 reduction and lower material consumption.