Logotipo Phi4tech

Phi4tech, as the parent company, brings both the human and technical resources and the research, design, commissioning and execution support of R&D projects based on graphene and its derivatives.


This technological hub gathers in its facilities the knowledge with which to carry out the developments of the group’s companies.

Favors the competitiveness of our solutions.

Provides agility and flexibility in application development.

Generates synergies among the group companies.

Phi4tech, as the parent company, carries out the following functions within the group:

Nanomaterial production

Phi4tech is in charge of producing the graphene nanomaterials, which are supplied to the group companies.

Administration and management

It is in charge of the administration and strategic direction of the group companies, guiding them in the achievement of their objectives.

Intelectual property

Responsible for maintaining and ensuring the intellectual property of the products and technologies developed by the group companies.

Logotipo Mindcaps

Mindcaps is the group company specialized in the research, development and manufacture of electrochemical energy storage systems.


Its objective is to manufacture benchmark batteries in the market, prioritizing efficient manufacturing processes.


Design of cells using active materials based on nanotechnology and use of own technology to manufacture in a more efficient way.

Development of batteries, supercapacitors and hybrid devices. The adaptability of the technology allows us to create solutions tailored to customer needs.

Unique functionalities with potential application in the transport, data center, renewable and self-consumption sectors.

Mindcaps manufactures battery cells, supercapacitors and hybrids, encompassing …

Development of active materials

Development of active materials using Phi4tech’s graphene nanomaterials.

Machinery design

Own machinery for more efficient production processes (-70% energy consumption).

Component manufacturing

Cathode factory based on own thin layer coating techniques.

Factory building

Modular factories of 2GWh/year with less need for land (-30%) and implementation costs (-60%).

Cell design

Cell design adapted to specific applications.

Integration for several applications

Integration of cells in modules, packs and racks for customer application.

Logotipo Medphen

Medphen is a world leader in medical grade polymers reinforced with graphene materials.


These polymers are used in the manufacture of medical materials mainly for the dental, pharmacological and medical industries.


Medphen medical polymers demonstrate their biocompatibility and safety through ISO 10993-1, USP Class VI and CE certifications.

Development of medical polymers additives with nanomaterials, marketed in the form of 3D filaments and pellets.

Versatile solutions with different types of polymers –ABS, TPU and PEEK– added with carbon nanofibers, graphene oxide or silver nanoparticles.

Medphen sells polymers with different additives depending on the desired functionalities and does so through the ecommerce.

Filamento 3D Medphen

3D filament

Pellets Medphen


Masterbatch Medphen


Logotipo Graphenstone

Graphenstone works in the research, production and marketing of eco-friendly paints and coatings.


It offers technological solutions for the construction and decoration sector based on environmental sustainability and ecology.


The only paint in the world that combines lime and graphene nanomateriales based on the Graphenstone Technology formula.

Ecological product free of toxic emissions (VOCs), microplastics and odors. Graphenstone is the world’s most certified green paint brand.

Graphenstone paints absorb CO2, achieving healthier indoor and outdoor spaces and helping to clean the air and reduce the pollution in our cities.

My home is a tree
Logotipo Trego

Trego develops technological solutions for industrial sectors; especially graphene-reinforced thermosets.


The objective is to create unique materials that provide solutions to the problems that conventional materials are not capable of solving and doing it in the most efficient and sustainable way.


The incorporation of nanomaterials allows to substantially improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the starting polymeric bases.

Trego industrial polymers provide greater resistance to temperature, greater thermal transmission capacity, electrical conductivity and new frontiers in mechanical resistance.

Trego offers unique solutions for sectors such as automotive, construction and renewables.

Trego provides improvements that can be applied in different sectors, among which the following stand out:


Trego seeks to reduce consumption and the carbon footprint by substituting metal parts for polymers with graphene materials. Currently, we market materials for designing and prototyping.


The objective is to open new lines of improvement of composite products. Today, the company sells materials for design and prototyping.

Bus, Truck & Rail

Trego’s objectives are to improve production processes by reducing the consumption of polymers with high polluting emissions and the waste generated, while improving the mechanical characteristics of the materials used. Currently, they market materials for designing and prototyping.


We are opening new lines of improvement in the wind and solar sectors.


It seeks to develop new lines of polymers with a longer useful life, reducing consumption and costs. Currently, they are developing a new line of products for floors and coverings.

Tailor-made products

The experience and structure allow us to be flexible and adapt to the needs and requirements of each client.