Filament2print and Medphen colaboration

Filament2print and Medphen join forces to commercialize graphene-based 3D filaments

Filament2print, the leading distributor of filaments and 3D printing in Spain and Portugal, begins the commercialization of Medphen products through its ecommerce

The agreement will facilitate access to Medphen’s innovative Neo ABS and Neo TPU products in one of the main maketplaces of the 3D printing industry and represents the first major commercial agreement of the company specialized in medical polymers, Medphen, part of the Phi4tech Group.

Strategic union with the 3D filament European leader

Filament2print started its activity in 2013 and, since then, has positioned itself as a leading 3D printing company in Europe. Today Filament2print offers one of the broadest ranges of 3D filaments and related products on the market. Its objective is to analyze new materials to incorporate into its catalog and to offer the latest news in 3D printing, ensuring the quality of the products before launching.

Filament2print offers a wide catalog of products, and also enables high availability of all its references and places orders from any country in the world with an unbeatable delivery time.

With this agreement, the company strengthens its commitment to filaments with special characteristics based on graphene and will mean the commercialization of two of the most demanded 3D filaments of the leading company in medical polymers: Neo TPU and Neo ABS.

Neo ABS: an ABS reinforced with nanofibers

Neo ABS is a nanofiber-reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) that creates a nanostructure or skeleton that increases the density of the material. ABS is the most demanded polymer for the manufacture of devices and components for medical use and nanofibers allow a higher quality production and complex structural geometries.

Neo ABS offers great surface quality, structural stability and resistance to chemical agents while inhibiting the growth of batteries, viruses, algae and fungi. In addition, the additive improves the quality of the polymer without affecting mechanical properties such as strength and traction.

Uses of nanofiber-reinforced ABS:

  • Medical and respiratory devices: components or spare parts.
  • Human anatomy models for surgical preparation and testing of procedures.
  • Dispensers, pill boxes, medicine containers and protective cases.
  • Protection packaging and systems with which to incorporate different medical devices or medications in a single pack.

Neo TPU: a TPU additive with nanofibers

Medical-grade Neo TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) reinforced with nanofibers that, like Neo ABS, creates a nanostructure that increases the density of the material.

The main properties of the product are the improvement of the quality and processability of the base polymer and the inhibition of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. It offers a high quality finish, glossy and pleasant to the touch, as well as an improved internal structure.

Uses of nanofiber-reinforced TPU:

  • Orthotics.
  • Support materials for fractures, radiation oncology, prostheses or templates.
  • Connectors, catheters, flexible tubes, and air or fluid devices.

Medphen, unique solutions for the medical device market

Medphen is the world leader in medical grade polymers reinforced with graphene-based nanomaterials. With solutions for different industries (dental, pharmacological and medical), Medphen markets medical polymers certified by ISO 10993-1 on biocompatibility of medical devices and USP Class VI, on the toxicity of materials, in addition to CE Marking for their commercialization in Europe.

Its solutions are versatile, adding different classes of polymers –ABS, TPU and PEEK– with different graphene materials: from nanofibers to graphene oxide (GO) and silver nanoparticles (AgNPs); additives that improve the characteristics of polymers and provide unique properties for the medical market.

In addition to Filament2print, Medphen markets its wide range of 3D filaments, pellets and masterbatch through its own ecommerce: