Lithium Mine Extremadura

Phi4tech reaches an agreement with Lithium Iberia to supply Lithium for the creation of a battery factory in Extremadura

Phi4tech joins the Lithium Iberia project to exploit the Las Navas lithium mine with the implementation of a battery factory in Badajoz. Being differentiated entities and projects, the lithium supply agreement reached significant synergies that make the global project highly competitive.

The location of the Phi4tech battery industrial project in the Badajoz Southwest European Logistics Platform is closely linked to the viability of mining, and is part of the effort that the project’s investment group is making to concentrate activity and job creation.

Once the positive viability of the global project is known by the administrations, the licensing process for the installation of the battery factory would begin, which could be inaugurated 20 months after the start of the works.

Modular project that starts with an investment of € 80 million and will reach € 400 million in the final phase

The factory will have a planned final capacity of 10 gigabytes, planned modularly over time in 5 2GW modules: The initial 2GW module would be inaugurated a year and a half after the start of the works, it will require an investment of about 80 million euros and will create 200 direct jobs. Estimates are to reach 6GW of production in 2024. When maximum capacity is reached (10GW), a total of 400 million euros will have been invested and some 500 direct employees will work at the factory.

Phi4tech’s proposal for its plant in Extremadura is to create a next-generation battery and supercapacitor hybrid. The battery / super capacitor ensures fast charging, high durability and extremely favorable chemistry with the best charge / discharge ratio on the market. It does not contain cobalt, betting on the criteria of sustainability and recyclability, which govern our business group and aligned with the values promoted by the European Commission.

For the qualification of employees, Phi4tech is committed to creating an ecosystem, society, university, professional training and administrations, which makes possible the creation of value, not only economically, but also in the training of qualified professionals.

The location of the Phi4tech battery industrial project in the Badajoz Southwest European Logistics Platform meets the three basic requirements: Logistics, competitive energy cost and access to qualified professionals. The logistics platform ensures the first condition, the region will fulfill the second due to its commitment to renewable energies, and we have to start working immediately to comply with the third point, since being a new industry we must train professionals.

Phi4tech Group

Phi4tech is a group of nanotechnology research and development companies. The group companies create high added value applications from graphene materials:

  • Mindcaps is the subsidiary in charge of the development, manufacture and commercialization of energy storage devices with special emphasis on the application of techniques based on nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing processes. Today, in addition to battery cells, supercapacitor cells and cathodes, Mindcaps is developing an eco-friendly and fully recyclable battery-supercapacitor hybrid that will achieve faster charging with high durability at a competitive price. Its cell technology for energy storage systems has been validated by Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA).

  • Graphenstone is the world’s most certified green paint brand. Its commitment to sustainability and the environment is accredited by the most internationally recognized quality labels. In addition, it is the only paint in the world that has managed to combine lime and graphene technology in its formulation base under a formula called Graphenstone Technology. It is currently present in 45 countries and manufactures in Spain, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, Paraguay and Panama; with packaging factories in the US and Vietnam.

  • Medphen industrially manufactures medical grade graphene-based nanomaterials. The company has developed the first clean and characterized graphene (GO) with which to produce high-performance polymers for the medical, cosmetic and dental sectors. In addition to raw materials, Medphen markets 3D filament and Masterbatch; polymers for medical use functionalized as antibacterial products.
  • Trego is the Phi4tech division in charge of composites development. With a clear focus on research and development of innovative and state-of-the-art materials, Trego develops new ranges of products with polymeric bases doped with carbon nanomaterials with graphene characteristics specially adapted to customer needs.