LG’s Smart Green movement is a green pact of companies, institutions and citizens united by a common goal: achieving a better planet through technology.

Social and Sustainable Commitment

The challenge of the movement is to plant 47 million trees a year in Spain, one per citizen, and thus mitigate the effects of global warming. And to do so, the movement has developed a sustainable and smart reforestation plan based on smart seeds (iSeeds) and drones equipped with AI, evaluating the terrain and identifying the ideal places for planting.

At Phi4tech we are proud of the association with the technology giant LG to be part of the Smart Green movement, since from the very beginning environmental sustainability has been part of the soul of the company.

Logo Smart Green Phi4tech

In addition, by joining the Smart Green movement we achieve a double relief for the planet: reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. This is linked not only to the 2030 Goals of the United Nations Global Compact, but we also align ourselves with ESG criteria for sustainable investment. And this is how, through our nanomaterials, we manage to bring the future closer to the present, focusing on people and the environment.